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Across the UK, hundreds of thousands of children aren’t getting the care or opportunities they need. Families are struggling, and children are neglected, ill treated and abused. Young people face isolation and often violence as they grow up. This is not acceptable. We take action to improve the lives of these vulnerable children. We intervene early to help to fix problems before children are overwhelmed and we intervene when there are more serious concerns to make children safer and help them to thrive.

We run 650 services in local communities across the UK. We’ve been helping children and young people for 145 years. From our earliest days, we’ve moved with the times to adapt, to make children safer. We built friendly homes in 1869 for children living on the streets. We were the first charity in the UK to create a national adoption agency in 1926, and the first to open our doors to German refugees fleeing the Nazis in 1939. We evolve. Today we support parents and parents-to-be, babies and pre-school children. We help young carers, disabled children and their families. We support young people through the most difficult times – in their families, in care and as they become independent adults.

We run 650 services in local communities across the UK. This years Impact Report showcases the benefits of delivering early action services that work. It highlights the results we consistently deliver meeting the needs of children, and our efforts to introduce new solutions that adapt to changing need.

Early action defines the approach we have pioneered for more than 25 years across local communities: from targeted interventions at the earliest opportunity for children and families most at risk, to early support for parents and children in need of a little extra help to prevent problems from escalating. Both lay the foundations for children to grow up strong, resilient and with hope for their future. The current challenge for local authorities remains their ability to implement longer-term preventative measures when faced with severe budget cuts, forcing the focus onto highly targeted, reactive delivery. Our challenge is to make the case for change by highlighting the positive impact of informed, evidence-based early action services.

This year, our report confirms the life changing impact our work is having across the UK as: 

We continue to find new ways of making children safer. We continue to deliver effective help as early as possible.  We have succeeded in finding new ways of meeting children’s needs and replicating those methods across the country.

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